For this shot it didn’t really take much planning or setting up. I have a pretty good eye I’d say, and once I saw this angle, it stood out to me. I simply set up my tripod in the road and waited for a car to come by while getting my exposure correct. Then a car came by and...

Featured Aritst

Joshua Cirjak Tell us something about you..... My name is Josh, I am a 20 year old videographer and industrial designer from Croatia. I was born in Vancouver, but my family decided to move to Croatia when I was 12. I spent about 6-7 years there before I moved back to Canada for university. I love spending my time innovating, designing and...


This video by Robert McIntosh may be one of the coolest and greatest sequences ever created. He flies his drone through Venice Beach, Los Angeles, seamlessly floating through various objects and capturing awesome views from Venice Beach at sunrise.