Photo of the Week | 11

This photo took me some time to create. It’s typical shot of the location. You go after a wet day and you try to capture as much of the reflection as you can. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I’m a bit of a pic person. I wanted it to be as perfect as it can be, so I went there on a cold dry night with a 5L jerrycan that I emptied out to add to the already massive puddle. When I hit the trigger, there was a 5-second delay which was too long and,  as a result, I missed the train’s light streaks. I had to wait another 20 min for another train to come so that I can capture the light streaks passing through and capture that long exposure. Afterwards, during the editing process, because my camera was vertically on the ground, it wasn’t perfectly aligned. After aligning it, I noticed that a lot of pictures got out of frame. That ruined all of my plans to create the perfect shot. It bugged me a lot because I had spent a lot of time creating a preset for this shot and now I had to spend some time cloning the edges of the photo so that when I align it, I don’t lose any of the details. All and all though, after all the time I took to prep for it, to take the actual shot, and to edit it, it actually is one of my favorite photos. THat’s what drives me to take more photos. It’s the urge to create. The work behind every shot.



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