Photo of the Week | 5

It was a combination of nature, stars and light trails in one shot. Editing photos like that are easy to me and actually more fun to shoot it. I travelled with 2 friends who were from Texas and they needed one night visit Yosemite after checking out the Eclipse from Oregon, I helped him visit Yosemite before he had to fly home from San Francisco Airport. We parked at the Tunnel View Point in Yosemite and stayed there to see if we can shoot for the Milkyway there but, the smoke from the fire was so bad that it made the skies so hazy so we turned around to shoot the tunnel behind is that lead to Glacier Point. We took a few long exposures and a lot turned out good. Follow after the tunnel shot you see here, we drove to Glacier Point to sleep before the sunrise would come up.

-Kehn (@brotherkehn)


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